Oh look, it’s the usual suspects whining when Republicans do their jobs.

Ron Filipkowski seems fussy because 18 Republicans requested information from the DOJ around their raid on Trump’s home. This makes sense if you understand how our government works. Of course, if you’re an emotionally thin-skinned rage-harpy constantly tweeting out nonsense with the Ukrainian flag in your name like Ron, it seems like it’s like not ok and stuff.

Oh, but this from Norman Ornstein is really funny.

Soooo … questioning the government makes someone a traitor?


Man, the Left sure does love throwing the words ‘traitor’ and ‘treason’ around these days.

Byron York took a far more measured approach than us:

Yeah, there are going to be questions with something like this.

Lots of them.

And people aren’t traitors for asking them …


It’s all just so bizarre, and a little scary.

… the only means at their disposal to maintain their grip on power.


And THAT’S what keeps sticking with this editor. If these documents were SO important, and SO dangerous, why wait 18 months? Not to mention, from what we can tell, Trump was complying so … none of this makes sense.

Unless you look at it from a political point of view, and then it sadly does.



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