Sorry folks, Liz Cheney is anything but honorable.

Honestly, we’re not sure what’s more annoying, Lefties pretending Liz is somehow trying to save the country or some on the Right claiming she’s honorable for giving up her seat to fight Trump. Perhaps we should embrace the power of and because BOTH are freakin’ annoying.

Especially to someone from Wyoming.

Imagine if any of these people supporting Liz took even a single MOMENT to talk to someone in Wyoming and listen to why they are likely firing Liz today … think they’d be surprised to find out it’s not all about Trump and that it’s mainly on Liz not paying attention to her own state?

Mollie Hemingway dropped a whole lot of truth:

She’s no hero.

She’s no martyr.

She’s a self-promoting, thirsty, glory-hound trying to build her political career on the backs of Wyomingites who she has come to resent because they do not support her.

Let’s be real honest about who she is.

S’all good.

We’ve always figured Nancy Pelosi either promised her something really big or threatened her with something really big …

They’d be OUTRAGED! It would be TREASON!

But you know, it’s ok since it’s Trump.



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