Man oh man, the FBI was sloppy with the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping thing. Or at least it sure looks that way …

Julie Kelly has done such a great job keeping everyone updated on what is happening with the January 6 prisoners and also with the Whitmer kidnapping trial, especially since our pals in the mainstream media don’t seem all that concerned with reporting on either one.

Her latest thread on the Whitmer trial is something else … take a look:

The guy is called Big Dan? Sounds like a character in a really bad made-for-TV drama.

All paid by the FBI.


So really, all paid by taxpayers.

Big Dan … heh.

So does this mean Big Dan and his FBI handlers were pushing the kidnapping?

Asking for a friend.


Wow wow.

So much dirty pool here you guys.

‘He’s trying to make the FBI look bad.’

Nah, they’ve done a fine enough job of doing that all on their own.



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