Tucker Carlson always seems to find a way to say the things the rest of us want to say and he says it in a way that absolutely infuriates the Left. We get it, the truth is painful when your entire political life and agenda are based on desperate lies but c’mon man!

Anyone with a brain in their head can tell the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home was questionable at best, especially to those who have been watching the aftermath. DOJ is spinning, spinning, and spinning, not to mention they don’t want us to see the affidavit. Why? That seems super shady, yeah?

Tucker went OFF. Watch:

Doesn’t matter how forcibly the media tries to push it …


And yup, this has been insane watching the media try and find a way to make people believe this was at all justified.

This one left a mark, eh DOJ?

It should.

Scary stuff, folks.



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