Former anti-critical race theory crusader Christopher Rufo has set his sights on academic queer theory in public schools. Critics will accuse him of wanting LGBTQ students harassed and bullied, but the training teachers and staff have undergone goes way further than that. Teachers are told that white European colonizers forced the false “gender binary” on native peoples, and that heterosexual and cisgender privilege are the basis of institutional power and must be disrupted. As studies show, the early grades are the best time to introduce gender identity, before “cisnormative” values become ingrained in the children’s minds.

Now we’re moving on to the Sacramento City Unified School District and its training programs for teachers and staff:

Rufo writes in City Journal:

… The district’s schools, including many elementary schools, have put gender-identity theory into the curriculum and created teacher-driven “Gender & Sexuality Alliance” clubs. In a recent training document titled “How to Be a Transgender Ally,” the district provides teachers and administrators with the entire range of queer theory terminology, promoting concepts and sexual identities such as “bi-gender,” “genderqueer,” “two-spirit,” “polysexual,” “pansexual,” “drag queens,” and “transsexuals.” The document instructs school staff to “normalize gender exploration and gender variance” and to “encourage exploration of options” for transgender students, who “may turn to hormones and/or surgery as validation of their emerging identity.”

From what we’ve read, it goes like this: parents (the enemy) are likely to raise their children with “cisnormative” values, i.e., that being straight is “normal.” Teachers need to intervene to create “inclusive spaces” and break down the systemic heteronormative culture so that kids grow up accepting of all gender identities and preferences. If not, they’re sure to turn to violence and shoot up gay dance clubs.

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