Being a leftist is serious business. Very serious business. You can’t be yucking it up while trying to save the world — and run it at the same time. It takes concentration. It takes commitment. It takes an unyielding belief in your own superiority.

Happy, well-adjusted people need not apply.

Imagine going to a protest and seeing smiling, cheering people advocating for a point of view instead of scowling, wild-eyed, screaming, leftists with spittle-flecked lips threatening the lives of those they hate.

This extremely serious attitude may be attractive to other leftists, but for you, I, and most of our neighbors, it’s a puzzle. Yes, life is serious at times, and the issues we’re confronting in this midterm campaign are weighty and important.

But are we not allowed to laugh at each other as well?

Washington Examiner:

A congressional hopeful made the internet go bananas when he mixed the term “banana republic” with the clothing retail chain while shading President Joe Biden’s mental astuteness.

Bo Hines, 26, who recently won the Republican nod to represent North Carolina’s swing 13th Congressional District and has been backed by former President Donald Trump, made the comment on the John Fredericks Radio Show during a discussion about the raid on Trump’s lavish Mar-a-Lago resort.

“A lot of people have likened the situation that’s going on right now is, you know, they say we’re in a Banana Republic. I think that’s an insult to Banana Republics across the country. I mean, at least the manager of Banana Republic, unlike our president, knows where he is and why he’s there and what he’s doing,” Hines said.

Well, no, he doesn’t “honestly think everyone’s referring to the clothing chain.” It’s a joke. Admittedly, it’s not a knee-slapper, but it’s certainly clever.

So why did the left take the comment so literally? It’s a fact that generally unhappy people cannot see the humor in life. So we can conclude that leftists are terribly unhappy in their personal and professional lives.

Not really. But it sounds as good as making a stink about a play on words that the left got its panties in a twist over.

In the entire quote from Hines, he talks about defunding the FBI and the IRS — something that isn’t going to happen no matter how many Trump supporters win their elections in November. The FBI does a helluva lot more than search ex-president’s residences or get on Donald Trump’s nerves. It is a vital law enforcement agency that serves and protects the United States with great courage and dedication.

As for the IRS, we wouldn’t need 87,000 agents if we dramatically simplified the tax code and instituted a flat tax.

Hines is running for Congress. People who run for Congress say nutty things. That hardly disqualifies him for office any more than a radical left candidate should be disqualified for wanting to defund the police or pay slavery reparations.

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