As my radio producer David wisely pointed out, the Democrats are steering their ship to dodge the November iceberg that we are all taking for granted.

With roughly 70 days before the midterm elections, the Democrats, smelling their own excreta blood in the water, are seeing improvements in the economy that can help them dodge the behind-the-shed butt-whoopin’ Republicans are betting on.

One year ago, the Dow Jones average was roughly 35,343. Today it’s almost 33,900. That’s a pretty decent drop. But keep in mind the Dow was at 29,888 on June 17. That’s a big jump in two months. That means if the stock market continues to climb at this rate, it can easily wipe out the losses of the past year in time for the election—and then some.

Gas prices are still up from the comfy days with Trump at the helm, but they too are tumbling. The average price of gas is up around 72 cents from last year but is down 60 cents from last month. This means that the gas gouge every American is feeling, and the poison dart in the necks of Democrats, can easily disappear by November. When the price of gas drops, inflation, the last remaining arrow in the Republicans’ quiver, will fall a bit as well.

Joe “I’ll End Fossil Fuels” Biden seemingly snagged an extra Adderall cocktail and recently thumbed what he is pretty sure was his nose at his eco-Nazi lackeys and reinstated the largest oil and gas lease sale in history. It was hiding in the Inflation Reduction Act. This can only bring down the price of gas.

And here we are, planning a November celebration for a victory that can easily evaporate in the next two and half months. Put the champagne down; champagne is for closers.

So if gas is down, inflation is falling, and our 401ks are going north, where will that leave us on election day? The Democrats can easily say, “Things are looking up. Why change course now?”

Like it or not, independents can and frequently do make or break an election. If Gallup is accurate, an overwhelming number of independents are pro-choice (54% to 39%) and may not appreciate the Supreme Court sending the abortion decision back to the states. That’s a potential loss of votes.

So what does that leave Republicans to stump on? Plenty of things, but they should start soon.

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The Southern Border

By the end of September, the Biden administration will have “arrested” two million illegal immigrants at the southern border in the past fiscal year. I put quotes around “arrested” because we all know many of them are getting into the country anyway, some of whom are resting comfortably in $250-per-night New York City hotel rooms. The question is this: How many Independents will vote on an issue that doesn’t directly affect most of them?


The Bat Stew Flu scare is pretty much over. While I think Fauci and friends should be thrown into the prisoner cart and pummelled with rotting vegetables, most Americans are just happy to see the Hong Kong Fluey era go away. Punishing Democrats who disemboweled our economy with lockdowns and humiliated us by making us stand on science-denying stickers on the floors sounds good to me, but many people may just look forward and not backward.

Republicans need to hammer the Democrats on the destruction they brought us and remind voters that Democrats, not Trump, are the existential threat to freedom and the republic. We can’t forget that Biden wanted you fired for not getting a vaccine that doesn’t even work.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has admitted that vaccinated and unvaccinated people who had the Bat Stew Flu have the same level of immunity. Joe Biden and the Democrats wanted you fired because you wouldn’t raise your sleeve and bend your knee. You should be furious.

If I were a high-ranking Republican, I would point to the last two years of financial struggles and the loss of freedoms. I’d hammer the nationwide crime spree the commies brought to our cities. I’d scream about the Deep State’s attacks on conservatives, including President Trump. If the Democrats did these things once, why won’t they do it again? (Spoiler alert: they WILL.)

I think the Republicans should take every opportunity to remind voters that the Democrats have thrown women under the bus in favor of men in dresses. The gruesome Islamic tradition of the genital mutilation of girls has been dwarfed by Democrats’ vomitously pushing children as young as 11 to “change” their gender with drugs and scalpels.

The Republicans can’t make enough of a fuss about the 87,000 KGB IRS agents coming to a shoot-out near you.

We conservatives see the writing on the wall. We and our Republican officials need to make sure those independents and their wandering eyes stay focused on the shape-shifters and lizard-people in the Democrat Party. Don’t let them get away with what they’ve done, and more importantly, don’t let them do it again. You can help PJ Media fight back by becoming a VIP member today. Use the promo code REDWAVE for a 25% discount on your membership.

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