There was a time not too long ago when a speculative article like the one below would be a bit too far for me to publish. Things have changed. Do we really think the government and/or the globalist elites would NOT use any means necessary to take care of themselves and their cronies? The massive influx of “coincidences” are being largely ignored by not just corporate media but even most in “conservative” media.

Over the last few months, I’ve been accused several times of making my sites too “fringe.” Before the Plandemic and the stolen election, we were building a purely America First news outlet for political commentary. Our traffic numbers were rising very quickly, peaking in March, 2020, with over 12 million views between the various sites. But as it became crystal clear that there was far more to the story than just voting out RINOs and Democrats, I transitioned to add more speculative articles. This has not been beneficial for us financially since it got us blacklisted on all of the Big Tech platforms, but I refuse to let money get in the way of the truth.

I bring all of that up because we are facing multiple conspiracies that are being used to usher in The Great Reset. It isn’t just a handful of leaders controlled by the World Economic Forum or the little-covered Council for Inclusive Capitalism. The elites “in the know” are doing whatever they can to not only prepare themselves but also to force the masses into a state of complete dependency.

That’s the part that S.D. Wells missed in his article below. Yes, the globalist elites want to be ready so they can thrive when the rest of the world suffers in the near future. But considering the massive amounts of food they’re accumulating, far more than what would be necessary for them to use within their small groups, it’s crystal clear that they anticipate a future in which food is used to control the masses. They will make us compliant to their draconian demands if we want to get our block of cheese from their breadlines. And while they’re eating the steaks they’re hording, they’ll expect us to get our protein from crickets.

This is all just another reason that we are so adamant about American building up their personal long-term storage food supplies. We have three sponsors who help with that. Please check them out. Here’s S.D. Wells…

US FIRST: Most of the Food “Recalls” During the Pandemic Are Actually Foods Being Diverted to Government Storage Bunkers for the Rich and “Elite”

The “uber-rich” of the world have an “escape plan” in place for the upcoming food shortage apocalypse, and they aren’t even spending their own money to prepare. Most of the food “recalls” for salmonella, e-coli, and “metal shavings” found in products is actually just a way to divert storable foods to the freezers and basement pantries of the rich and elite, who are all planning well for the food shortage apocalypse.

Even Bloomberg News has reported that many of the world’s elite, including US government officials, are securing underground bunkers for riding out a new world war, another pandemic, or a nuclear holocaust.

The latest food recall to fit this bill was the frozen pizza recalled by Home Run Inn Frozen Foods, saying they found over 13,000 pounds of frozen meat pizza product “contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically metal.” And guess who’s getting ready for the next scamdemic right now? Yes, that’s right, Bill and Melinda Gates can’t fill their bunkers quick enough with frozen foods and clean water for the next plandemic. How many more food recalls are fake?

No reports of injuries or adverse reactions due to consumers swallowing metal shavings in pizza, maybe because it’s a hoax to reroute foods

There have been no confirmed reports of injuries or adverse reactions due to the consumption of the Home Run Inn Frozen Foods pizzas that allegedly contained metal fragments. Maybe none of them got eaten and they’re all just fine, stocked up in bunker freezers for the elite to eat during the upcoming Plandemic II. Worried about Monkey Pox? Stock up your freezer now. Worried about Omicron variant of Wuhan bat-jumping Flu? Stock up on those “recalled” frozen pizzas.

Have you got your doomsday bunker prepared yet? What are you waiting for, the day there are zero supplies to do it? Foods that are being “recalled” and disappearing from the supply chain are being rerouted to elitist bunkers around the world, as you read this. The uber-rich are planning ahead, buying food, water filters, weapons, ammo, alternative power supplies, SAT phones and more.

Water Wars erupting across the world right now, as the elitists plan ahead

If you don’t think that the supply chain erosion, mass inflation and food shortages aren’t also planned, then you are naïve. Take a close look at how everything is falling apart, and why, and you will see that it’s all carefully manipulated so. The elitists that are in charge of government, Big Ag and Big Pharma are creating shortages in every arena, including food, clean water, fertilizer, fuel, money and natural medicine.

It’s not just the Water Wars that have begun, but food wars and weapon wars too. Most of the money and weapons going to Ukraine have been diverted, stolen, re-routed to elitists and smugglers. The Biden administration coordinates all this corruption.

When the lakes dry up and the rivers run dry, you can bet your last block of gold that the elitist bunkers will be heavily stocked with clean, potable water for the apocalypse. Have no doubt.

The pandemic (plandemic) was just a taste of what’s to come. Remember the toilet paper shortage? Remember the gasoline shortage and those lines?

Get ready for mile-long lines at the grocery stores that only last a couple of days, until those shelves are all bare. Then what? The trucks will stop delivering when there’s no fuel available, and if the internet goes down, so will everyone’s access to their money.

Tune your food news frequency to and get updates on more toxic foods and food shortages coming to stores near you.

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