Facebook has suspended Libs of TikTok for not following their community standards. Guess calling out children’s hospitals for not only supporting but encouraging children to transition goes against whatever bizarre community standards they have …

That seems backward, right?

Welcome to Big Tech in 2022 (and you thought it was gross and horrible before):

No reason was given.

Gotta love it.

Or not.

Suspended for good after a whole two-minute review.

Good to see Facebook is doing its due diligence here.

Page is there but they’re locked out.



As you read Howard Forman’s tweet on Libs of TikTok being suspended keep in mind, he’s a professor:

He’s all for free speech but not HER free speech.

Classy as always.

Would appear so.

And ultimately THAT’S what it really boils down to. Howie is super stoked about free speech, as long as it’s ‘free speech’ he agrees with which basically means he doesn’t support free speech at all but you all already figured that part out.



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