Will the Inflation Reduction Act really lower inflation? Fox News digital asked that question of several Democratic congressmen who voted for the bill and the responses they gave are giggle-worthy.

Many of them simply changed the subject. Others who took a stab at actually trying to explain how an act that wasn’t designed to lower inflation will, in fact, lower inflation ended up confirming what we already know: most congresscritters are brainless.

Rep. Jamie Raskin had the right idea.

Others were more polite, if equally empty-headed.

Local 12:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y, echoed a sentiment similar to that heard from many of his Democratic colleagues, that the country was already on track and seeing costs go down.

“We control inflation by ensuring corporations pay their fair share and by ensuring that that money is invested in the American people, and that people are working – everyone is working,” Bowman told Fox News. “So – you know – it’s already had an effect, we’ve seen gas prices come down, and you’re going to see more in the coming weeks.”

Do we really “control inflation” by raising taxes on corporations? Perhaps Bowman should pick up the phone and tell Fed Chair Jerome Powell that he doesn’t have to jack up interest rates through the roof to lower inflation.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Meanwhile, the “Congressional Budget Office said the bill will have ‘a negligible effect’ on inflation in 2022, and in 2023 its impact would range between reducing inflation by 0.1% and increasing it by 0.1%,” according to Fox News.

These facts were hard to come by on a number of liberal media networks, with reporters and hosts parroting the talking points of congressional Democrats, or at the very least failing to press them on the bill’s perplexing name.

Four days before the Inflation Reduction Act was passed, CNN analyst Ryan Lizza called the legislation a “big deal,” and said that its passage would make Biden an “enormously consequential president” whose legislative win would put him in the “modern pantheon” of great leaders.

The truth about the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” came out after it had already been approved. That is, the naming of the bill was a “marketing device” designed to “get moderate Democrats, such as Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., to support it.”

MSNBC contributor and Vote Latino’s founding president Maria Teresa Kumar similarly praised President Biden and the Democrats for the “marketing branding genius behind their latest spending bill.

On Wednesday, economist Jeffrey Sachs also claimed the legislation was a “marketing tool” that “doesn’t address inflation at all” during a conversation with CNN’s Randi Kaye.

Just hours after the passage of the bill, ABC’s Jonathan Karl presented the findings of the CBO report to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“But let me ask you, it’s called the Inflation Reduction Act, but the Congressional Budget Office which is nonpartisan said that there would be a negligible impact on inflation this year and barely impact inflation at all next year, isn’t it almost Orwellian?” Karl asked Jean-Pierre.

The deed is done and it really doesn’t matter how the Democrats tried to hoodwink the public into thinking the bill will lower inflation. In fact, the only people who may have been hoodwinked are people so besotted with partisanship they actually believe “Biden is “one of the most legislatively successful presidents in modern history.”

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