Like many of you, we clung to a teeny-tiny shred of hope against hope that with regard to the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin would stand up to his party colleagues on behalf of his constituents and vote no. Ultimately, though, Manchin is a Democrat, and he’s a Democrat for reasons.

And one of those reasons is that he’s A-OK with big, bloated government. In fact, he’s not just A-OK with it; he’s a big fan. And he thinks you should be, too:

We never said the Inflation Reduction Act would lead to an immediate reduction in inflation! We just had to ram it through both houses of Congress as quickly as possible while keeping as many specifics as possible from the public!

The media wasted almost no time pivoting away from the “inflation reduction” part of the bill’s name once the Senate passed it. It’s probably not all that farfetched to believe that they were just taking their cues right from the Democrats.

Truth be told, we never actually believed that the bill would reduce prices and inflation immediately, because that’s pretty much impossible given where we’re at economically. But we also don’t believe that it will reduce prices and inflation ever. The only thing this law is going to reduce is the amount of stuff we can afford given our rapidly dwindling financial security.

That’s not gonna help with inflation. Because this was never about helping struggling Americans; it was about padding their own pockets and giving themselves even more power over the American public.



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