Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, author, and podcaster, and, for the most part, conservatives who don’t necessarily agree with him on a basic political level have been able to appreciate what he brings to the table. He’s a thoughtful, pro-free speech guy, and that’s a good thing. More liberals should be like Sam Harris. Or so we thought.

In light of these recent comments regarding Hunter Biden and Donald Trump, we can’t help but wonder if we may have misjudged him somewhat:

Really? Hunter Biden could be a serial killer of children and he still wouldn’t be as bad as Donald Trump? We get not liking Donald Trump, but, like, come on.

Narrator: It was, in fact, not warranted. And it’s pretty disturbing to hear a pro-free-speech guy justify censorship in the name of taking down a president he doesn’t care for.

What is you doing, Sam?

Well, if there’s one positive thing we can say about Sam Harris’ apparent about-face, it’s that maybe he’s finally just being honest with us after all this time.

We genuinely hate to see it.

At least now it’s pretty clear where Harris stands on this sort of stuff. He’s pretty much erased any remaining doubt there.

After all this time, it looks like Sam Harris has finally assumed his final and true form: typical liberal hypocrite.

Looks like Sam Harris has got a pretty acute case of it.



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