Yesterday, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin matter-of-factly stated something that we already knew but that the Biden administration and congressional Democrats had attempted to deceive us about: the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” wouldn’t do a damn thing to reduce inflation anytime soon (he didn’t say it won’t reduce inflation, period, but he didn’t have to, because we already knew that, too).

Maybe he saw how poorly so many people took that little truth nugget and decided he’d try today to reassure us that this unequivocally awful legislation isn’t nearly as ominous as it sounds. Because he promises that if you live in a household that brings in less than $400,000 a year or you have a small business, you’re no more likely to be targeted by the IRS for an audit because of the Inflation Reduction Act:

You have his word as Joe Manchin, and we all know what Joe Manchin’s word is worth these days, especially if you’re from West Virginia.

Seriously, how is anything in Manchin’s tweet supposed to make anyone feel better? He’s tacitly saying that those of us who don’t live in West Virginia will be targeted for harassment by the IRS. The IRS is allowed to harass taxpayers and small businesses in the other 49 states? Also, if we’re not supposed to fear harassment from the IRS — whose special agents should be prepared to use deadly force if necessary — why does Manchin have to promise that he won’t allow the IRS to harass people? If they were never going to harass anyone, what’s the point in promising not to let them harass anyone?

This is all very stupid and intellectually dishonest and terrible.

Joe Manchin’s credibility isn’t just shot; Manchin straight-up nuked it and then set it on fire just for good measure.

That’s him, all right.

No one should ever believe him again when he says he cares about hardworking Americans.

Own it all, Joe Manchin.


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