In the last few years there have been some words that have been completely discredited. “Experts” is one of them, and another is “fact-checker,” a field that has become mostly narrative enforcement for the Left.

With that in mind, here’s a Politifact fact-check about Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who is up for re-election in November, and his opinion of claims that the world is facing a climate change doomsday and the only way to save the country is to spend the nation further into oblivion on a “Green New Deal” utopia:

There’s only one way to really respond to that:

Right? Is that supposed to be some sort of “gotcha”?

Politifact wrote that “legions of scientists have researched climate change and determined it is real,” and Sen. Johnson did refer to claims of man-made climate change as “bulls**t” last year before adding this:

According to OpenSecrets, Johnson has taken $753,247 from the oil and gas industry since 2009. That period covers Johnson’s entire tenure in office, since he first won election in 2010.

The site does not further break down how that money was spent on Johnson. It doesn’t say whether the money was directly contributed to Johnson’s campaign or whether other groups spent it on his behalf, such as for ads against opponents during an election.

Included in the donors to Johnson is Koch Industries, which does some work in the oil and gas industry. Donors affiliated with the company have contributed about $67,000.

Do the “fact-checkers” ever play this game with “Green New Deal” Democrats and wind/solar/battery company donations?

That’s one “fact-check” that sounds like it got emailed straight from the DCCC or White House.



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