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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Hans was never pleased with comments about his longboat apparel.

On Thursday, CNN announced that it would make a marginal move away from communism by getting rid of Brian Stelter, its Poppin’ Fresh media watchdog. The move wasn’t surprising, given that his audience is mostly comprised of his wife and his dog, both of whom are probably chained to furniture in his living room just for the demo numbers.

CNN is apparently trying to correct several years’ worth of commie mistakes but it may be too late for that.

Stelter has been nothing more than a kneed pads-wearing apologist for the Democratic National Committee. He is active on social media, but never responds to any criticisms of his bias. His tenure at CNN has mostly involved an extended diaper-filling tantrum about the cable news dominance of the Fox News Channel.

Stelter will probably land somewhere on Liz Cheney’s lap for his next gig.

Birds of a feather, and all that.

CNN once firmly held the “less commie than MSNBC” place in the cable news universe. Donald Trump’s ascendance to the presidency in 2016 seemed to have broken the network forever though. It became nothing more than a 24-hour-long tantrum about ORANGE MAN BAD. Stelter was the poster boy for the fit, and he was never able to let go of his daddy issues.

Mailbag of Magnificence

So much goodness this week. Let’s begin with this from Les:


I was ordained a Deacon in ’87 and received a 15 decade Rosary as a gift. It was my “big” weapon, my .50 BMG, my “Ma Duce” if you will. I used it outside of a Planned Parenthood office here in Houston.  Then Pope St. John Paul II gave us the  Luminous mysteries and I needed a new Rosary.  Now I have a 20 decade Rosary … I guess that is my “20 mm” weapon!

If St. Padre Pio can call his 15 decade Rosary his “big weapon” I suppose it is not out of bounds for me to do the same.  Oh, my big firearm is a Shilo Sharps “BIG .50” that my bride got me for my birthday. After 53 years as my wife, she knows me well.

Thanks for your insights and wonderful columns. I always enjoy your headlines and opening words. Helps make my day.

God Bless you,

May God bless YOU, Les. Going big with the extra decades rosary is just what the world needs right now.

From a Knight of Columbus:

As a stalwart Sir Knight, I take umbrage at you revealing the secrets lurking beneath our Friday Fish Fries during Lent.

Next, you will be revealing that we all carry swords.

Ol’ Jim, hisself 

I will forever strive to work my way back into the good graces or the Knights’ fish fry community. Because fish fry !

Jonathan writes:

Stephen –

I look forward to reading your column every morning.  Keep up the great work.  (And I am a VIP member.)  I really like the “Everything isn’t awful” portion.  That’s pretty important these days.

I’m Jewish, but will be heading to Our Lady of Perpetual Gunpowder Church to purchase an ASSAULT ROSARY with the chainsaw attachment and a large capacity bead magazine.

May the Lord bless your shopping spree!

And this from Stoney:

My phone auto corrects Kruiser to Krueger..  Coincidence? I think not. I need to see your Rosary CCW license and are your carrying any crosses on your person? …Love the briefing you crazy Catholic keep making us laugh. —Stoney 

Autocorrect is the devil, and that’s why I will never stop my crazy Catholic prayers!

Thanks to all who stayed in touch this week. Keep in touch at [email protected] and, who knows, this could become a daily thing.

Everything Isn’t Awful

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