Awww, isn’t that cute?

Amy Klobuchar pretending to take down ‘Big Pharma’.

Like she’d take down her pals … RIGHT.

We especially like the following tweet as it wasn’t from someone on the Right. Even the Left is calling BS on this claim (and rightfully so).

Looking at Amy’s top 100 donors for nearly the past decade, Big Pharma has given her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Makes ya’ wonder, don’t it?

Ok, so it actually doesn’t and nobody is surprised, at all.

They are indeed coming up.

Let’s just hope the GOP doesn’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

They all do.


It’s what Democrats do best! Oh, except one correction, her GREAT grandchildren are paying now.


CNN will probably write a crap story about how Americans are saving hundreds now even though they’re actually paying more.

Yay, media.

What a short memory our pals on the Left have, right?

Oh, that’s right.

This only helps people taking 10 medications … and not for four more years.

But not they’re really really REALLY negotiating prices.

Or something.



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