Today is Brian Stelter’s last show.

Admit it, you’re all in tears over it, right?


He was so mopey this morning tweeting about going in for his final show …

And you know, since it’s his last show he’s likely going to do something very important that people can relate to. He’s going to prove he really is a journalist and make CNN sorry they canceled his show … right?


He was good enough to remind everyone WHY he’s been canceled and that he more than deserves it.

We won’t miss him.

Ok, we’ll miss making fun of him but that’s different.

They work and they slave … and what thanks do they get?

Oh, and the BIG MEANIES on the Right, it’s all their fault!

Not if we’re mean and stuff.

*so many eye rolls*

In Tater’s case, it’s telling him the truth and the truth hurts.


Ugh, this is embarrassing AF.

Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya, Tater.



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