Why on EARTH would taxpayers ever want to foot the bill for an education that produced talking points like this?!

We’re not sure what the Hell Nina Turner was thinking with this tweet, or where she thinks the government gets their money … but yeah.

This was dumb.

Monumentally dumb.

In fact, calling her tweet dumb is an insult to dumb tweets.

FYI – yes, yes taxpayers DO foot the bill.

Pay. Your. Own. Debts.

Is it the Tooth Fairy?

Say it’s the Tooth Fairy.

Or maybe it’s the money tree that Elizabeth Warren planted in her backyard.

This didn’t go so hot for Turner:

She came back with this …

Says a person who … just sayin’.

Gotta love that college education she wants us all to pay off for her.

Polumbo educated her a bit.

The government cannot give anything to anyone without first taking it from someone else.

Fair enough.

Yes, she can.

That pretty blue-check by her name says so.




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