Liz Cheney was a HERO to our pals on the Left, fighting the bad orange man and even giving up her Congressional seat because the ‘backwood rednecks’ in Wyoming didn’t appreciate her putting country over party. DA DA DAAAAA! But now that she will soon be of no use to them they are quickly turning their backs on her and even trashing her for being a conservative.

Gosh, if only someone had warned Liz.

OH WAIT, that’s right, we did.

‘Trump 93%’ is trending right now because Liz voted with him 93% of the time.

She’s not one of them and so they are kicking her to the curb.


Gotta sting.

Fair point.


Boner and Liz Cheney should never EVER be in the same sentence.

Like, ever.

Gosh, Liz … tough crowd.



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