Daniel Uhlfelder is the annoying doorknob who tormented Floridians living their lives on the beach during government lockdowns. Now he wants to be the Attorney General of Florida.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t tell him he should run.

He claims he’ll be Trump’s worst nightmare. Riiiight.

Yeah, that big scary skywriting thing that Trump likely didn’t even see will totally terrify the guy who’s been targeted by almost every agency in the federal government. Pretty sure he’s not worried about some weirdo who thought it was a good idea to harass people on the beach dressed up in a costume.

He’s really proud of this.

Let the pointing and laughing begin.

Sounds like he’s unfit to be on Twitter, but we digress.

Cry about it.

Claim Trump somehow sabotaged him because he was so SCARED of him.

Something along those lines.

Yup. ^



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