We had never heard of Adam Kotsko before his weird little thread about making people who live in rural areas relocate to congested, busy, urban areas crossed our timeline. Not entirely sure who the Hell he thinks he is lecturing people about how they shouldn’t have a choice about where they live (to somehow cut down on the number of cars) BUT this is Twitter so we’re not entirely surprised he felt justified writing this garbage.

Take a gander at this hot mess:

His gut instinct sucks.

But wait, there’s more.

What?! LOL

Does Adam realize he lives in America? We suppose he’s welcome to go live in a country like China that controls their citizens …

How very authoritarian of Adam.

It doesn’t sound harsh.

It sounds stupid.

And that’s why it will never happen.

Dude, you CHOOSE to live in Chicago.

That’s on you.

He should totally visit some rural areas and tell them they have to move … see how that goes for him.

The soybean fairy … duh.

Ok, so if you hadn’t read Adam’s nonsense up there this tweet would seem harsh BUT since Soy-Boy wants to force rural folks to relocate against their wishes this seems more than fair.

This should be a PPV.


Like food?


Sadly yes, it would appear he is this galactically stupid.

Yeah, we really thought it had to be a parody at first as well.

But nope.

He means it.

And yes, things are getting dumber and dumber.



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