Democrats incorrectly describe Florida as a state where you’re not supposed to say the word “gay.” But there is some actual language banning going on in New York. Governor Kathy Hochul signed a new law last week that is banning a significant number of words from any use in government documents or speech. All of the targeted words carry an implication of gender. One of the most prominent examples she pointed out was “salesman.” The bill was even described as “the salesman law” and applies to various portions of the tax codes. Also being removed are any mentions of “his” or “her,” which will now be replaced with “they” or “them.” So just in case you were thinking that the crazy train might be slowing down a bit, have no fear. It’s still running full steam ahead in the Empire State. (Townhall)

If you didn’t think the state of New York could get any more woke, think again. In the land of radical liberal policies, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) is taking it a step further.

Earlier this week, Hochul signed a bill that would ban the word “salesman” and replace it with “salesperson” as well as replace words such as “his” and “her” with the woke pronoun “they” and “them.”

Senate Bill 536, or the Salesman Law, was proposed to change forms of “gendered language” so that they would be more “inclusive” among everyone.

In a separate bill, Hochul approved a measure banning the use of gendered terms when referring to office-holders in local legislative bodies. The prime example in that new law was an instruction to change “councilman” to “council member.” We already saw her ban the use of the word “inmate” in favor of “incarcerated individual.”

So if I’m reading this correctly, we’re not supposed to refer to anyone representing us in Washington as a “congressman,” right? But is it okay if we refer to Claudia Tenney (for example) as our “congresswoman?” Or is that banned also? It certainly seems as if all the targeted language focuses on words including “man,” rather than any references to women.

This trend is pretty much ubiquitous in blue states at this point and all of it has been ripped straight from the work of George Orwell. Those who control the language control the debate. And those who control the debate control the world.

Part of this is being driven by the agenda of transgender culture, of course, but not all of it. There is clearly a much broader goal among progressives that would see the end of the recognition of the obvious (and wonderful) differences between men and women. I assume this has something to do with “fighting the patriarchy” or whatever the flavor of the week is among liberals today. It’s also completely unscientific, which seems rather odd coming from the party of “follow the science.”

As with most of the rest of the nonsense that they’re trying to shove down our throats these days, nobody should feel any pressure to comply with these demands. They’re stupid and they make you sound as if you fell asleep during English class in high school. I have no intention of stopping writing or saying “salesmen” when talking about a general occupation. When referring to specific individuals in that profession who are actual females, I am equally comfortable saying “saleswoman.” There are few exceptions in the English language where we can’t navigate the differences smoothly and linguistically correctly.

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