Randi Weingarten couldn’t WAIT to share a bunch of misinformation on Twitter about a list of books being banned in Florida. We get it, she and her ilk HATE Florida for putting kids and parents before her crap union but c’mon, she should have at least double-checked before tweeting it out like it’s the truth.

She did eventually delete the tweet (after several hours) after getting called out over and over and over for it, but only said, ‘My bad,’ and sent a link where the many books evil Republicans are banning can be found.

And she wonders why she’s losing more and more support:

Her bad.


Jay made a good point about school choice … so of course, The Expert™ Tom Nichols totally missed it.

He’s really getting good at being wrong; maybe that’s his new expertise?

Really? Trump broke this guy. Bigly.

Jay fired back.

He’s right, you know.

Where? What lists?

Prove it, Tom.

Randi GUSHED over his tweets.

She’d have to ask Democrats in California why they wanted to ban, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ and ‘Huck Finn.’

Oh, we know why … but clearly she needs to hear it again.

Time to abolish the teacher’s unions.

Past time.

They proved that during the government lockdowns.

And the Biden administration let her play a huge role in education during their lockdowns.

Scary stuff, right? There’s a reason kids are at least two years behind … thank a teacher’s union!

Either she’s a liar or she’s not very bright.

Maybe both?

Yeah, THAT’S the problem! She just needs more of our tax dollars and then next time she’ll get it right.




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