George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has written about Peter Strzok, calling out the fired former FBI agent for proving his bias and doing is part to help spread fake news about the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home:

Part of Turley’s post takes aim at Strzok’s part in helping spread a false report about what was NOT taken in the raid:

Last week, Strzok was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon with CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell, who blasted out a tweet claiming DOJ sources refuting Trump’s claim that the FBI took his passports. The “CBS Evening News” anchor reported that the Department of Justice did not have Trump’s passports, tweeting, “According to a DOJ official, the FBI is NOT in possession of former President Trump’s passports.”

In fact, the FBI did take the passports and had to later return them. The clear import of O’Donnell’s tweet was that Trump was lying. That was clearly the message received by various critics, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who is purportedly serving as an unbiased member of the January 6th committee. Kinzinger, R-Ill., wrote, “Lies lies lies and more lies.”

Notably, Strzok was also among those eager to spread the O’Donnell report, tweeting, “And unsurprisingly, Trump’s statement turns out not to be true.” He later deleted it.

Strzok responded this way:

Patton, even the George C. Scott version, might either laugh or be offended by that.

It’s patently absurd — or Patton-ly in this case.


And yet Strzok is the one claiming the moral superiority high ground.

Zero self-awareness.

Strzok certainly did a lot of shoveling.



Losers like Peter Strzok, David Frum, and Adam Kinzinger make TOOLS of themselves spreading FAKE NEWS about FBI not having Trump’s passports

Rolling Stone forced to ‘fess up to botching Donald Trump story, but not before Tommy Vietor and Peter Strzok fall headfirst for it [screenshots]

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell mourns the ‘very unfortunate and untimely end’ of Peter Strzok’s illustrious FBI career


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