You could almost feel the excitement of The Bulwark’s Bill Kristol when he sent out this tweet:

Try not to wet yourself over it, Bill.

One would think, yes. And yet, if anything, they’re painting Ron DeSantis as Donald Trump 2.0: Trump, But Even Hitlierier.


This doesn’t make any sense if you try to view it through the lens of wanting to restore the Trumpified Republican Party to some semblance of its better days. And that’s because that’s not what Bill Kristol and The Bulwark are trying to do.

We’d add one more camp to that: the straight-up grifters who saw an opportunity to capitalize on their rejection of past professed conservatism both financially and in terms of airtime on MSNBC and CNN. That’s the camp into which we’d folks like those at The Bulwark. And Tom Nichols, of course.

We see Tom Nichols is claiming he wants the GOP to quit Donald Trump while pre-emptively trying to torpedo probably the most viable alternative. Must be the season for it. Must be a day ending in “y.”

And Expert™. Don’t forget Expert™, Tom!

Tom Nichols should be used to having no impact by now. We’ll still write about him, of course, because we enjoy kicking him around. Lord knows he deserves it.

Tom was trying to make a joke when he said he’s just an unfrozen caveman political scientist, but his analysis makes it sound like he’s actually spent the past several years — several decades, really — in an actual cave.

And what’s “the obvious thing,” Tom?

Or maybe, even simpler, voting only for Democrats?

And the “easier way” in Tom Nichols’ mind is to punish the GOP for Trump by rejecting all the GOP candidates, especially the ones that could have a decent shot at winning.

He wrote a book all about expertise, you know.

“Honest question.”


If Tom Nichols were actually honest for once, he’d admit that he doesn’t actually want the GOP to get better; he just wants to have something to whine about. Because that’s just about all he knows how to do these days.

That dog will walk right up to Tom Nichols and crap all over his shoes.

Miller’s just playin’, of course. We already know which is more important to them.



Tom Nichols celebrates himself — and some very heroic friends — for coming to terms with what it means to be ‘conservative’ these days


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