Ya’ know, anybody who wants to be an elected official at ANY level of government in this country should have to take and pass a basic civics test. We’re not asking for great scholars in government (we know actual scholars are far too smart to ever get involved with such insanity) BUT a basic understanding of our Bill of Rights would go a long way.

Looking at this from the dopiest of all dopes in the Democratic Party (sorry, AOC, he’s starting to pass you) we can’t help but think California is not sending their best to DC.

C’mon, he should KNOW THIS, right?!

How hard do you think DeSantis laughed at this one?


There is nothing about the separation of church and state in the Bill of Rights.


He tried to prove he was right by citing the Establishment Clause:

Dude is a walking turnip.

He tried.

He seems to think the fact government can’t establish a religion proves his point.

It doesn’t.

This is an insult to cartoon characters and it shall not stand!

Woof, we thought the TV fart was bad.



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