Although some think Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law prohibited teachers from saying the word “gay,” the Parental Right in Education law prohibited school district personnel from “discouraging or prohibiting parental notification and involvement in critical decisions affecting a student’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being.” At the signing of the bill into law, Gov. Ron DeSantis featured a woman, January Littlejohn, whose daughter was being “transitioned” by school officials, who called her by a male name and used male pronouns.

Christopher Rufo has posted a video of Wendell Perez telling the state surgeon general how he was called to the school after his 12-year-old daughter attempted suicide in a school bathroom. What Perez didn’t know if that the school had been transitioning his daughter without his knowledge, “affirming” her gender by calling her by a male name and pronouns. The videos of teachers posted by Libs of TikTok suggest that teachers see themselves as a “safe space” for children who don’t feel comfortable transitioning in front of their parents — parents are the enemy.

Perez says his daughter was even taken away from him for a week.

A surprising number of people in the replies are saying none of this happened, although it’s been covered on the local news:

Everyone at the school thought they were heroes for doing the right thing and helping this girl transition into a boy. And if she were a little older, they might have recommended “top surgery” to prevent any further suicide attempts.

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