Ok, we’re shocked this is still up.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be … it’s Tristan Snell after all.

So … this is wrong.

Trump is not representing himself.

But we suppose with 110k likes ol’ and a bunch of anti-Trump mouthbreathers squeeing with glee over the prospect of Trump being unable to find an attorney, Tristan isn’t going to take it down anytime soon. Remember, he doesn’t care if he’s factually right, it’s more important to sell the narrative.

This was a mistake that was quickly corrected.

Unlike Tristan’s thread that is still on Twitter.

So he makes it Trump’s fault? What a hot mess this entire thread is.

Weird take.


What do you know, Trump isn’t representing himself.

So yeah, Tristan should either correct his thread or delete it.

But he won’t.

Just like the other crazy people who for some reason DESPERATELY need this whole lie to be true.



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