Max Berger has a pretty impressive C.V. He’s worked with Justice Democrats, Elizabeth Warren, and Cori Bush. And he co-founded antisemitic, anti-Zionist group IfNotNow.

These days, he works for More Perfect Union, which, according to the “Who We Are” page, is “a nationwide movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership.”

And nothing says strengthening communities and healing the country like effectively calling for war against Republicans!

It began with a New York Times opinion piece by Damon Linker:

Max didn’t care for Berger’s tone, which was apparently not angry and vengeful enough:

Has Max ever considered switching to decaf? Or horse tranquilizers, perhaps?

OK, Damon. Since you asked so nicely:

The only thing Max Berger needs to be facing today is a psychiatrist. Maybe a whole team of psychiatrists.

Also, is it just us, or is Max’s rhetoric decidedly on the violent side?

We’d actually very much like to see that.

In any event:

All signs point to yes.


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