Late this past May in Napa County, Paul Pelosi, aka Mr. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was arrested and charged with drunk driving. He seemed to take it pretty well. Maybe that’s because he knew that he’d ultimately have nothing to worry about.

He was right about that, FYI.

Wow. Five whole days in jail?!

Well, sorta. Not really. Not actually five whole days. Not even four whole days. Not even three whole days. Or two. Just one day. One eight-hour day. In a court work program.

More from the AP:

As part of his probation, Paul Pelosi will also be required to attend a three-month drinking driver class, and install an ignition interlock device, where the driver has to provide a breath sample before the engine will start. He will also have to pay nearly $7,000 in fines, the judge said.

$7000 in fines? Given his and his wife’s collective net worth of over $100 million — plus all the money they’ve made from insider trading — we’re pretty sure he’ll be able to scrape $7000 together without too much trouble.

(D)amn, it feels good to be a (D)emocrat.



Join Ryan Long, aka ‘Paul Pelosi,’ for a ‘master class’ on how to succeed in the stock market


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