As was obvious a few days ago, a federal judge who is also a Democrat has just blocked Idaho’s pro-life law banning nearly all abortions the day before it was set to go into effect:

We told you this would happen the other day because the judge believes doctors won’t render aid to pregnant women in emergency situations women because they fear prosuction if they have to terminate the life of the baby. As I said the other day, I think that’s ridiculous because a doctor should be able to render aid without having to kill the baby.

But, if in some rare circumstance terminating the life of the baby is the only way to save the mother, then the physician should be willing to defend that decision and the facts should speak for themselves. And it’s unlikey that doctor will be prosecuted if there’s overwhelming evidence that this is the only decision.

The bottom line here is that the DOJ and the court are trying to use a loophole to block Idaho’s abortion law and I suspect, as it goes higher in the court system, that the injunction will be overturned. At least that is my hope.

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