Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who led the charge on canceling all student loan debt, didn’t earn $429,981 from Harvard for teaching just one class as has been claimed … actually, it was two classes. Do you imagine there was ever a point where synapses fired in her brain and she connected her outrageous salary with the tuition students were taking out loans to cover?

Laurence Tribe teaches at Harvard Law, and he’s grateful on behalf of his former students that President Joe Biden announced he was going to use a 9/11-era loophole to cancel $10,000 of student debt for those making under $125,000. As many have pointed out, now waitresses and truck drivers get to pay off graduate school loans for people studying interpretive dance. At least someone is looking out for the Harvard Law graduates.

Anything we, the taxpayer, can do to help out a Harvard Law graduate with their loans is an honor.

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