On Thursday morning we told you about a planned DNC rally featuring President Biden trying to get the lefty troops motivated ahead of the November midterms. The event was in the solidly blue DC suburb of Rockville, Maryland and took place at one of the only venues in the area that could handle the overwhelming demand to see a Biden rally: An area high school.

During the event (we hesitate to call it a “rally” because the attendees mostly looked like union plants and people the administration begged to show up), Biden addressed lost schooling during the pandemic without skipping a beat for a self-awareness check:

“Lost learning”? Who caused that?

Are there any more shameless people than the “too bad our kids’ education was ruined” liberal crowd? The sick thing is that if Weingarten had been there she’d have been nodding her head and applauding in approval of Biden’s remark.

He did. They can’t even get on the same page with their BS.

Biden wasn’t far from Washington, DC, where Mayor Muriel Bowser has announced unvaccinated students will not be allowed in schools, and there will be no option for remote learning. So maybe the president can go have a chat with the DC mayor about “lost learning” (he won’t).



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