The DOJ is prosecuting a couple for stealing Ashley Biden’s diary, which has now been authenticated, and the couple has admitted to have stolen it.

Via ABC News:

Two Florida residents have pleaded guilty to stealing the diary of Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, and then selling it to right-wing activist group Project Veritas, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

Aimee Harris, 40, and Robert Kurlander, 58, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property involving the theft of personal belongings of an immediate family member of a then-former government official for taking several items belonging to Ashley Biden in September 2020. The charge carries a maximum of five years in prison.

Kurlander has also agreed to cooperate with the government.

Though Ashley Biden, 41, is not named in the court documents, a source familiar with the case confirmed they were her belongings.

“Harris and Kurlander stole personal property from an immediate family member of a candidate for national political office,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement. “They sold the property to an organization in New York for $40,000 and even returned to take more of the victim’s property when asked to do so.”

Biden had stored a handwritten journal containing highly personal entries, tax records, a digital storage card containing private family photographs and a cellphone, among other things, in a private residence in Delray Beach, Florida, where Harris was also staying.

The attorneys for Project Veritas quickly put out a statement regarding their purchase of the diary:

In a statement Thursday, Project Veritas said, “Project Veritas’ news gathering was ethical and legal. A journalist’s lawful receipt of material later alleged to be stolen is routine, commonplace, and protected by the First Amendment.”

While the media have been trumpeting this around, nobody has been discussing what’s in the diary, which again has been confirmed to be the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter.

Here’s an excerpt that many are asking about:

She talks about being molested and sexualized as a child and taking showers with Daddy Joe, which she now feels were inappropriate. She doesn’t go into specific details in this passage, but can you imagine how the media would react if this were Ivanaka’s diary about Trump?

But so far we’re hearing nothing about this, except from people on social media asking why we’re hearing nothing about this:

They don’t care becausae they aren’t in the business of trying destroy Democratic presidents. If they did care, they wouldn’t have so easily dismissed Tara Reade’s claim that Joe Biden finger raping her in his office.

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