Full transparency, this editor wasn’t able to actually sit through a single episode of She-Hulk so ultimately we’re relying on everyone else who took one for the team and watched this preachy, bizarre attempt at destroying another Marvel franchise.

Stop trying to make these characters WOKE, Disney.


Mark Ruffalo thinks people who don’t like She-Hulk are just being racist and sexist or something.

Don’t look at us, we didn’t tweet this nonsense:

Renders the site’s scores meaningless?

Or, you know, maybe they should listen since it’s their FANS who are tired of being preached at?

Ding ding freakin’ ding.


Oooh, a whole seven!

And that’s what we’re hearing.

People who don’t like the show aren’t racists or misogynists … they just don’t like it.



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Editor’s Note:


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