Kim Kardashian joined Barack Obama and Donald Trump on the list of people who have publicly trounced Hillary Clinton.

The reality TV star pummeled the Hilldabeast in a contest of legal knowledge filmed for the vomitous Gutsy, a new Apple TV+ series hosted and executive produced by Hillary and her daughter, Chelsea.

FACT-O-RAMA! Hillary tried to be our 44th and 45th president, and her record is 0-2. Talking head Dick Morris claims in his book The Return that Hillary is planning to run in 2024, possibly making her presidential bid losses a solid hat trick.

The final score was a humiliating 11-4. So much for Hillary’s Yale Law degree.

AGONY OF DEFEAT-O-RAMA! Henry Clay ran for president and lost five times. If Hillary was younger, she could easily beat Clay for being the biggest loser. It would be, ironically, one of her few political wins.

Hillary, who failed the Washington, D.C., bar exam, told People Magazine that the loss was “heartbreaking.” She also claimed she did not let Kardaishain win but wanted to “put the spotlight on her.”

SPOTLIGHT-O-RAMA! Hillary has 5.7 million Instgram followers; Kardashian has 329 million — or 57.71 times more followers than Hillary.

Some of the questions involved self-defense and the use of deadly force.

Kardashian, who is studying law, revealed last December on Instagram that she passed California’s “baby” bar exam (after failing it three times), which is a test for first-year law students. Roughly 28% of law students are expected to pass.

For our VIPs: Leftmedia Will Die Trying to Make the Eternally Mundane Chelsea Clinton a Thing

I’m chuckling as I imagine the verbal beating Hillary will take over this in a possible 2024 presidential debate with Donald “mean tweets” Trump.

You can watch Chelsea Clinton defend her mom and blame Hillary’s humbling loss on “reaction times.”

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