Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States of America. The 2020 Election was stolen from him. That is a fact. Joe Biden is nothing more than the Alleged President.

In my opinion, through the first three-and-a-half years, Donald Trump was the greatest president of my lifetime, if not of all-time. His focus on getting the government out of the way and letting the American people thrive really paid off, as we had the best economy in America history.

That all changed in 2020 when covid-19 hit our shores. All of a sudden, instead of exposing the Deep State and focusing on Draining the Swamp, Trump began listening to them and doing their bidding. As someone who had spoken out about the dangers of vaccines in the past, he should’ve known better than to want to get them to market as quickly as possible by skipping over the safety testing and trials.

Now, while things like the PREP Act ensured that the vax could go to market before going through proper testing, Trump has touted this as one of his greatest accomplishments. What changed between Trump being the greatest president to bragging about his involvement in releasing this bioweapon onto the America people?

Bianca Gracia, the president of Latino’s For Trump, believes she has the answer. Throughout his presidency, Trump surrounded himself with Evangelical Christian pastors and leaders who constantly prayed for and with him, as well as advised him on the Biblical approach to the issues he was facing. Once covid hit, however, Trump’s team isolated him from these pastors and he no longer had contact with them, all while he turned his trust over to man instead of God.

It is interesting that as soon as this isolation from the pastors happened was when there was a significant shift in Trump’s policy. Could this be why God allowed the Deep State to steal the 2020 Election… to take away his position of power after he’s hardened his heart towards God’s ways?

There’s biblical precedence for this. When you look in the book of Daniel, you see that King Nebuchadnezzar is punished by God to be driven out from ruling his nation to literally living in the wilderness for seven years eating grass like a cow. Only when he repented did God reinstate him as king.

Could this be the case for Trump? Did he turn his back on God and hardened his heart towards God’s ways? Could this time of “exile” from the White House be his punishment?

Gracia explained that Donald Trump must repent for his wrongdoing in regards to covid-19 and the jab. And unless he repents, she doesn’t believe God will allow him to retain the office of the President.

So where does that leave you and I?

If Trump continues to dig his heels in and refuse to turn back to God’s ways, then Gracia explains it may be time for us to find a new leader… one that will trust in God over man. One that can admit that they were wrong when it came to the covid jabs.

Could that be Ron DeSantis? Or someone else? Will Donald Trump repent and turn back to God? Only time will tell.

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Not long ago, conservative media was not beholden to anyone. Today, most sites are stuck on the Big Tech gravy train.

I’ll keep this short. The rise of Pandemic Panic Theater, massive voter fraud, and other “taboo” topics have neutered a majority of conservative news sites. You’ll notice they are very careful about what topics they tackle. Sure, they’ll attack Critical Race Theory, Antifa, and the Biden-Harris regime, but you won’t see them going after George Soros, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, or the Deep State, among others.

The reason is simple. They are beholden to Big Tech, and Big Tech doesn’t allow certain topics to be discussed or they’ll cut you off. Far too many conservative news outlets rely on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for the bulk of their traffic. They depend on big checks from Google ads to keep the sites running. I don’t necessarily hold it against them. We all do what we need to do to survive. I just wish more would do like we have, which is to cut out Big Tech altogether.

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Like I said, I don’t hold other conservative sites under too much scrutiny over their choices. It’s easy for people to point fingers when we’re not the ones paying their bills or supporting their families. I just wish there were more who would make the bold move. Today, only a handful of other major conservative news outlets have broken free from the Big Tech teat. Of course, we need help.

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