President Biden’s announcement about federal student debt “cancellation” has caused some to celebrate near the White House:

Reuters took a look at what some borrowers are thinking in the wake of Biden’s announcement, and some of it is… not unexpected:


Here’s a snip from the Reuters article that contains other examples:

Americans bearing heavy college debt loads welcomed U.S. President Joe Biden’s announcement on Wednesday that he would forgive $10,000 in student loans, and some shared hopes they can jettison extra work hours and perhaps take a vacation or return to school.

“I would not have second thoughts when planning a trip or going on a vacation,” said John Paul, 49, a restaurant manager in Washington DC who said he took out loans for his son’s tuition. “Earlier, it would be at the back of our mind that we have this debt hanging over us. Now we are somewhat relieved.”

Since this Biden decree is unconstitutional these people might want to wait and make sure it’s not struck down in the courts before they go and spend a windfall they haven’t yet been sent.

It’s really that simple. We’ll give the final word to the wise Sen. John Kennedy:



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