Biden is hands down the worst president at least in modern history, if not in the entire history of this country. Lucky for Biden, when we talk about the ENTIRE history we have to include a-holes like Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson but man, he’s right up there.

Making Americans who don’t have student loan debt pay for the debt of other Americans who do.


Hey, we get it, Democrats are desperate for something to claim they did for America that wasn’t sucky for the midterms but this is even pissing off people on the Left. The only ones who are happy are the 13% of Americans who have this debt …

The rest of us think this sucks.

Brit Hume shared an interesting thread:

Obama adviser.


Check this out.

But gas went down or something, right? Inflation didn’t go up in July?

Democrats keep telling us everything is fine.


Because this is about buying votes, not actually helping people.

It’s the Democrat way.

Wonder if Biden will blame Putin when inflation goes up again.

They did it.

Maybe Biden didn’t get the memo.

Just say it, dude. Biden is robbing the poor and giving to the rich.

For votes.

Oh, you can bet your backside colleges will raise tuition after this.

Yay Biden.

Bad news.

But those votes ain’t gonna buy themselves.

When even one of Obama’s lackeys knows this is a bad idea?

You know it’s really really really bad.



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