A New Jersey inmate landed himself in the hospital after he recently attempted to remove his testicles with a razor.

Demi Minor, 27, who identifies as transgender, engaged in self-harm after he was transferred to a men’s prison because he had impregnated two inmates while in a women’s facility. According to his blog, Justice 4 Demi, Minor felt “hopeless” because prison officials doubted that he is transgender.

“I showed my medical records showing that I have been on hormones for years and awaiting gender affirming surgery (which they are delaying),” Minor wrote on August 18.

“I started cutting again, and with a razor I began making a [sic] incision to remove my testicle,” Minor continued. “In my head, I just wanted the pain to stop. I just wanted out of this. THEY DON’T KNOW the hell that I’m going through.”

More than a decade ago, Minor unleashed hell of his own. Back in 2011, he attempted to rob his former foster parents approximately nine months after he left their charge. When his former foster father, Theotis “Ted” Butts, confronted him during the break-in, Minor stabbed him to death. Butts was 69 years old.

The crime shattered Butts’s family, friends, and church community.

“The young folks looked up to him,” Butts’s sister-in-law Joan Moore said. “I have a son who is 32 years old who really looked up to him, and he was just devastated.”

Butts and his wife, Wanda Broach-Butts, had fostered seven boys total, all of whom went on to live ordinary, healthy lives, according to Broach-Butts. All except Minor.

“Ted and Wanda, unfortunately, maybe extended themselves beyond what they should have,” Butts’s brother-in-law Mark Broach said, “because they saw something in [Minor].”

Minor pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He was also given a 10-year concurrent sentence for an unrelated carjacking.

In 2020, Minor began to identify as trans and was removed from a men’s prison into Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Union Township, New Jersey. Last year, Edna began accepting male inmates who identify as transgender. It currently houses 27 transgender prisoners.

During his stay in Edna, Minor impregnated two fellow prisoners, one of whom is also a convicted killer. Latonia Bellamy, 31, was convicted of double murder for the deaths of engaged couple Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki back in 2010. Bellamy was just 19 at the time. She is expected to give birth to Minor’s child this fall.

Minor, born Demetrius Minor, may have made a veiled reference in his blog post to his sexual relationship with Bellamy and another unnamed inmate, who reportedly elected to abort the child.

“I went through many depressive nights, and often wanted to be loved,” Minor said. “I simply never knew that it could have such devastating consequences.”

Bellamy wrote on the blog: “We found love in a hopeless place.”

After the pregnancies were discovered in June, Minor was moved to Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, where he lives with male inmates.

His former foster mother, Broach-Butts, denies that Minor is transgender and has adamantly advocated to keep him housed in a men’s facility.

“I think all this about him being transgender is a ploy,” Broach-Butts told the New York Post. “He’s manipulating people to get a better situation for himself and to get attention. He’s learned the language to use. He’s dangerous and he’s a psychopath.”

Placing him with women is “not a good idea,” she said, “especially for the female inmates.”

Minor’s attorney disagrees.

“[Minor’s] a force to be reckoned with, a triumph,” said attorney Derek Demeri, an advocate for the LGBTQ community. “I admire [Minor’s] ability to navigate the system. [Minor’s] pretty level-headed and has risen above a lot.”

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