As we told you yesterday, CNN host Jake Tapper inadvertently kicked a Resistance and liberal hornet’s nest recently by using his considerable platform on Twitter to share a Washington Examiner piece by Salena Zito about the Pennsylvania Senate race between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz.

There was no shortage of angry messages directed at Tapper, but not a single one of them could possibly hold a candle to the response Tapper got from Dash Dobrovsky, a self-described activist and host of the “Uncovering the Truth” podcast. In Dobrofsky’s mind, Jake Tapper’s decision to share a piece written by Salena Zito was only the tip of the uLtRa MaGa iceberg:

Guys, that tweet on its own is pretty great. But it’s got absolutely nothing — and we do mean nothing — on the video Dobrofsky followed it up with.

Get some popcorn, because you’re in for quite a show. Behold:

It’s got everything, right! Well, except for blinking. There’s no blinking. But otherwise, Dobrofsky managed to cram a whole lotta unhinged into just 42 seconds. We’re legitimately impressed!

Watch out, Jake MAGA Tapper! Dash Dobrofsky’s got your number!

Dash should seriously consider taking his show on the road. If the videos are that good already, just imagine how amazing it’d be to see him do this stuff live. We’d buy tickets. Take the whole family! Maybe go out for dinner afterward. We’d also settle for giving Dash his own network show:

Evidently this wouldn’t be Dobrofsky’s first time telling it like it is on TV:

Ooo, that’s fun!

He’s come a long way since then. Thank goodness. He’s matured. He’s a serious person now.

Keep your eye on this Dash Dobrofsky, fella. Something tells us he’s goin’ places!


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