President Joe Biden appears to be sticking with the tough guy routine that surfaced when “Dark Brandon” rolled onto the scene. Lookout somebody had an image makeover and the Left seems to be loving it a lot for a crowd that couldn’t handle the mean tweets President Trump dished out. Those 70 staffers who handle Joe Biden’s digital content must be feeling pretty smug after the latest round of snark and attitude.

The girl with the progressive forehead is living for the carnage efforts. Yes, even the White House is getting in on the mean tweets, but has thus far managed to avoid permanent suspension. No one of significance in the social justice mob is likely to be concerned by any vitriol aimed at those facist MAGA republicans.

The crowd goes wild. For “P-BIDDY?!?” Yeah, just go ahead and try to keep your eyeballs from rolling to the back of your head.

There’s something gross about the tough guy pretending that all women are on board with the plot to defeat the MAGA Republicans. For a party that insists gender is a social construct, they sure do get hung up on gender identity.

Suddenly those with vaginas are the birthing people again. Anything goes with the message is needed for the polls. Expect the new machismo Joe to stick around for as long as he can still shake a fist while he’s propped up at the podium. The Left is digging it.

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