Non-native American, Elizabeth Warren came out swinging at Senator Mitch McConnell, who dared question the fairness of forcing some people to pay for other people’s stuff – an extreme position, we know.

First, it’s quite a deception to compare 1964 dollars with 2022 dollars. $330 in 1964 dollars is worth $3,170 in 2022 dollars. Warren is only 1/1024th honest … at best. By the way, Bernie Sanders paid $1,710 ($16,433 today) in 1964 at the University of Chicago. Elitists gonna elite.

Second, her answer to ‘fix it’ is to double down on the government money cannon that got us into this mess with student loans in the first place. ‘Load it up and fire again! What could go wrong?!’

So what has McConnell been saying about student loan ‘forgiveness’ that put Lizzy on the war path?

  • Slap in the face of Americans who already paid their student loans or didn’t go to college at all? Check.
  • Make inflation even worse while Americans are already struggling? Check.
  • Disproportionately benefits higher income people? Check.
  • Using the money of America’s workers to buy votes? Check.

Twitter users had a bit to say about her misguided anger and outright hypocrisy.

It’s a pretty fair point. ‘Oh no! Whatever are we going to do about the high cost of tuition?’ Umm, maybe quit funding overpaid blowhards?

‘Chief Clowny’. Heh.

We can’t possibly fathom why … Ok, that’s not quite right. Twitchy already reported on this. Warren received over $11 million in higher education political donations in 2020.

Nevertheless, she persisted … in collecting the check.

Too much. Definitely too much.

There seems to be a common theme here. Maybe Warren is the one who should be sparing us her lectures – on Twitter and at Harvard.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

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