For years (decades), we have been pointing out how much the Left projects who they really are (and what they’re guilty of) on the Right.

And of course, with the creation of Trump’s MAGA, they were gifted a whole new group of people to hate. Oh, and they absolutely feel justified and even righteous in that hate because in their small little minds, MAGA has asked for it.

MAGA deserves it.

MAGA must be punished.

Sounds sorta fascist-y, right?

Dr. Strangetweet once again wrote a thread you’ve all gotta read:

Biden rules (not governs) via EO.

Biden vilifies people who disagree with him.

Biden is absolutely everything the Left accused Trump of being (and then some).

Crist would have to win first.

And we’re pretty sure that ain’t happening, he just told more than half of Florida he doesn’t want their hateful votes.

Or babbling about how the Right should have to leave their state.

We see you, Kathy Hochul.


Accurate again.

Gosh, when you look at it like this, the Left is filled with haters.

Golly, that sounds pretty damn hateful.

What he said.

All damn day.



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