Speechless over this one. Truly.

Since Biden took over nearly 20 months ago now (it feels like 20 years), we’ve been told over and over and over again how much better off we’ll all be if we just switch over to Electric Vehicles. We won’t just be saving our planet, but those evil oil companies won’t be able to rob us blind anymore.

It’s a win-win, right Pete Buttigieg?!

Except that’s horse crap …

This can’t be real, right?


For a single battery?! Ummm HELLO, that’s expensive.


Welp, guess it is real.

This makes the Biden admin look like even bigger a-holes for shrugging their shoulders and telling people to just buy an electric vehicle if they can’t afford gas.

Privileged, elitist, butt-sniffers.

Why even bother replacing a battery?

Seems like a lot of waste, though.


Sounds like a Democrat’s utopia.


Good point.

It only lasted 70k miles.

Can’t you just feel Mother Earth already healing?!



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