So yeah, Mark Zuckerberg just admitted the FBI requested that Facebook censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

In case you missed it.

Can’t even make this up …


This seems like a big deal, right?

Like, HOLY CRAP, a government agency worked against the sitting president during an election to protect another candidate. That should be illegal or something, yes? At least grossly unethical? Hey, we’re certainly not experts here but this sounds REALLY REALLY REALLY bad you guys.

The Meta Newsroom must have thought it sounded bad as well because they were quick to jump on and try to do some damage control.

Except this IS new.

Mark said the quiet part out loud.

He didn’t admit Facebook censored a specific story to help Joe Biden at the specific request of the FBI two years ago. Saying the FBI warned Facebook and admitting they requested a story be censored are two very different things.

They blocked it for a week.

Oh, and we know all about their ‘fact-checkers’.

This is so damn damning.

They lifted it AFTER it couldn’t hurt Joe Biden.

Fixed it for them.

Full of it is putting it nicely.

We’re not entirely sure how much credibility and trust they had left at this point and really, Zuckerberg’s admission just gave most people vindication in what they already knew anyway.

To protect a presidential candidate and possibly even sway an election.

So in essence …

There it is.



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