Paul Pelosi lives a life of privilege. He’s a very wealthy 82-year-old man married to the most powerful woman in the United States. On May 28 he crashed his 2021 Porsche Carrera 4S while under the influence of alcohol and an unnamed drug that was noted in his toxicology report. Pelosi pulled out in front of a jeep and caused a crash. When police asked for his license, he pulled it out and handed it over with his ’11-99 Foundation’ card underneath his license.

According to its website, “The CHP 11-99 Foundation provides emergency assistance to California Highway Patrol employees and scholarships to their children.” Donors to the charity receive recognition at various levels, depending on the amount of the donation. Paul Pelosi’s membership level listed on his card is the Gold Level. That is a $25,000-lifetime membership and includes his spouse – in this case, Speaker Pelosi. The swag that comes with that level of membership includes a leather wallet & brass ID card with the donor’s name and membership number. It looks like that is what Pelosi tried to give to the officer.

Well, now that Pelosi had pleaded guilty and received his punishment, the foundation is kicking him out. He behaved badly by flashing his membership card and expecting special treatment for it. The foundation also wants all the swag given to him, too. That includes the brass membership card. The officer on the scene, by the way, handed Pelosi that card right back and held on to his driver’s license.

‘After evaluating the events that [led] to Mr. Pelosi’s arrest and conviction, we are revoking Mr. Pelosi’s lifetime membership with the CHP 11-99 Foundation effective immediately,’ the foundation’s board and staff explained in a statement.

‘The mere presentation of his 11-99 Foundation identification credentials to law enforcement made it appear that he was presenting them for preferential treatment whether that was the case or not which violates the terms and conditions he agreed to on his membership application,’ the organization’s statement continued.

‘These actions reflected poorly on the 11-99 Foundation and undermined our important mission,’ it added.

The Foundation also noted that Pelosi had been asked to ‘return all membership items he was issued upon joining the 11-99 Foundation. Once we receive all membership items back, he will be refunded what he has donated.’

Clearly the foundation tries to keep everything above board and its reputation intact. Those applying for membership are given criminal and driving record record background checks. CHP bars applicants with felonies from joining. Here’s an interesting tidbit I had not read before now – Paul Pelosi has a misdemeanor manslaughter citation from a car crash in 1957 in which his brother was killed. Yikes.

‘We’d like to remind all our members and the public that the purpose of 11-99 membership is to show support for the sacrifice and life-saving work CHP employees carry out daily across the state to keep our families safe,’ the foundation said in a statement on Thursday.

‘We will continue to evaluate any violation of our membership terms and conditions that is brought to our attention with due process and revoke any member who is found to violate those terms.’

San Fran Gran was in Rhode Island during Paul’s boozy night out. Pelosi reused to take a breath test at the site of the crash but admitted to drinking one glass of champagne before dinner with friends about 7:00 pm and a glass of wine with dinner. However, the crash happened about 10:15 pm and Pelosi was very unsteady on his feet, hanging on to the side of his car for balance. Pelosi pleaded guilty to DUI – his blood alcohol content was 0.082%, just over legal limit. He was tested about two hours after the crash, according to reports.

Pelosi was sentenced to five days in jail and three years of probation. He already served two days in jail and received credit for good conduct for the two other days. He will work eight hours in the court’s work program instead of serving an additional day in jail. He did not attend his sentencing hearing. The Porsche is being auctioned off.

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