Let’s get something clear right off the bat: Dr. Mehmet Oz is a doofus. Donald Trump was wrong to endorse him for a number of reasons, perhaps chiefly among them that Oz had been a “Republican” and a “conservative” for all of ten seconds (of course one could argue that that was true for Donald Trump as well when he decided to seek the GOP presidential nomination). If Oz doesn’t win his Senate race against John Fetterman, no one should be terribly shocked.

With all that said, Fetterman himself is a disaster of a Senate candidate. And, as Politico reports, Oz’s campaign has decided that it’s time to start hitting Fetterman where it really hurts: Fetterman’s health problems.

More from Politico:

Until now, Oz — a TV physician popularly known as Dr. Oz — hasn’t directly made Fetterman’s health challenges an issue in the race. But in the last week, Oz has changed tactics.

This week, his campaign put out two statements ridiculing Fetterman’s diet and accusing him of being too ill to withstand debates. Oz and his campaign have also been working behind the scenes to convince prominent conservative figures — including those who were once detractors — to publicly rally around him. Republicans hope that delayed support from influential conservative commentators will help him persuade unenthused rank-and-file GOP voters to come home to him.

Fetterman’s fashioned for himself quite a reputation for trolling Oz. It makes sense that Oz would want to return the favor.

It also makes sense that conservatives, even those who aren’t necessarily fans or supporters of Dr. Oz, would also want to highlight aspects of Fetterman that would make him unfit to serve. Fetterman is, after all, a left-wing Democrat, and Republicans don’t want another one of those in Congress. But Politico really seems struck by the fact that anti-Fetterman footage has taken hold in conservative media:

This speech?

OK, well, we suppose it’s indeed news that conservative media are shining glaring spotlights on Fetterman’s flaws. But it’s apparently only news to Politico because if not for conservative media, no media at all would be doing it.

This seems like the sort of material that should be circulated by CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, WaPo, the New York Times … any outlet that wants to be considered respectable and responsible. Politico, you guys should add yourselves to that mix, too.

Liberal media view that (D) as a shield. Anyone who has it must and will be protected from scrutiny. And from pouncing Republicans.

Mr. DJ, keep that record playin’!


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