As Twitchy readers know, our team covered the giant debacle where @PodcastMovement apologized for Ben Shapiro’s mere existence at their podcast convention, where they agreed to take The Daily Wire’s money but never thought such evil would occur, like the co-founder actually showing up to the booth they paid for …

You can read all about the fun and Ben’s response here and here.

Well, we are excited to announce the fun has continued today and this editor is here for it. Twitter hashtags have always been one of the best parts of Twitter and we want to highlight that YES Twitter and politics can still be fun, even in the crazy woke culture of 2022.

Follow along with us as we go through #WorseThanBenShapiro

We can start at the beginning:

Yikes. Nobody wants this.

OK so we know it is kind of middle school boy humor (which is sadly very in line with this editor’s humor) but if you did not laugh at this one, you need to check your funny bone 🙂 WE KID, it is ok not to laugh at fart jokes … kinda.

Welp,  he’s not wrong.

The image alone is worse than Ben!

If you do not get this one, you need to check out the link to the Twitchy story after you finish laughing come back to us.

WOW. All we can say here is OUCH.

Ummm GROSS, but definitely worse than Ben.

Seriously – all of the people who are getting #StudentLoanForgiveness for the gender studies degrees should have to put together all the IKEA furniture for people who are paying their debts as punishment.

We all felt our eyes roll out of the top of our heads when we read this one, didn’t we?

We are including this one only to prove our previous point that politics and Twitter can still be fun and fun Hashtags are really missed!

We may have saved the best for last. We may have even cackled like Kamala just a little.

Literally. Shaking. Right. Now.

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