If you’ve been reading Scientific American over the past several years, you may have noticed that it’s taken a bit of a dip in quality. Well, more like a nosedive, actually. It’s a straight-up hot mess now.

It’s pretty much all partisan garbage these days. Woke partisan garbage, if we’re gonna get technical about it.

Like, take a look at this recent offering from the once-reputable pro-science publication:

There’s are several tweets about intersexuality that precede that one, but it’s that tweet that really grabbed our attention. Hopefully it’s grabbing yours, too. Because it’s so effing stupid. In fact, it’s quite possibly one of the effingest stupidest things we’ve read recently, and that’s really saying something.

Previously — just this past April, actually — Scientific American said that physicians and psychologists in the 1950s had to deal with the crisis of not knowing what made people male or female. We knew that was BS, of course. But while we’d say it was BS because it’s completely insane and totally made-up, Scientific American would tell us that since April, they’ve discovered that the inability to distinguish between male and female actually dates back from anytime before the late 18th century.

Scientific American should probably just drop the “Scientific” part from their name. They’ve lost the right to use it.

Fake News, Scientific American. Fake. News.

Should be some real page-turners!

*Historical and scientific revisionism.



Scientific American devotes an entire issue to ‘science for social justice’ because ‘science’ has lost all meaning

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